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It is important for us that our equipment gets into reliable hands, because the quality of the anti-theft system depends primarily on the skill of the specialists who install this system. We will be happy to work with you if:
Unique technologies
IGLA is a unique anti-theft device for cars designed to protect against all known ways of theft and has no analogs on the market.
Own production
We invent, design, and manufacture our products in Saint-Petersburg.
Reliable technical support
We organize technical trainings and workshops for our products.
Reliable products
We ourselves are engaged in installation. Therefore, we know that not only the owner of the car needs, but also the installer.
We are equal
We are the first to develop a CAN-lock into operation for new models. We do not have any.
We are trusted
Since its inception, the company has installed more than 300,000 systems around the world. And not a single recorded theft
Regular useful seminars from our specialists
Patented and certified technology
Support from partners in your region
Let's be partners!
You are just a few steps away from becoming an absolute leader on your car security market with the most reliable anti-theft system –IGLA!

This unique device provides maximum protection and prevents cars from being stolen during 12 years with "0" car thefts cases registered. Thanks to patented technology and innovative digital blockings IGLA reliably protects against all known ways of theft and has no analogs on the market.

IGLA is presented in 33 countries by far and we are happy to share with you a business model that you can easily use and adjust for your market.

Let's make your country safe again!
Earn on the latest developments of the industry
Our technology of locking the car by CAN bus found a response not only from our customers, but also from hundreds of our partners. Easy installation, no additional wires and reliability – the characteristics of our flagship anti-theft system IGLA.
Anti-Theft Devices for Cars
Additional Devices
Anti-Theft Devices for Cars
Check out the products to built a security complex for the car and protect it from all known ways of theft:
— IGLA based security systems
Additional Security Modules for enhanced security of the car:
—Digital relay TOR 20
—Analog relay AR 20
The group of companies "AUTHOR" began with 3 masters who believed in technology, from which everyone dismissed. We did not have any masters or big clients, but now our products are used by more than 200 000 people. Why?

We believe in our product and we believe in people. And like 7 years ago, we are sure that nothing is impossible

Each set is assembled in St. Petersburg with the best components that we managed to find
We regularly check the build quality and make sudden checks to our production workers
We sell our systems only with the installation. Hijackers will have to sweat fairly to get our system for experiments