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IGLA is a unique device developed to protect your car from theft and burglary. The device has an innovative mechanism of door locking that uses standard circuit conduits of the car so there is no additional wiring that can be easily found.
Smart approach to security of your car.

IGLA is a unique device developed to protect the car from all known ways of theft: relay attack, OBD-II hacking, key cloning, car hijacking, etc. The device is undetectable for any theft devices and scanners since it doesn't show itself until the authorization which can be made via personal PIN code, Smartphone APP, or key fobs.
Smart approach to security of your car.
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Advantages of the system
Отслеживание местоположение
автомобиля на карте
Отслеживание скорости
Состояние дверей
по периметру
Anti Hi-Jack mode
with safe engine
shut off
Зажигание и статус двигателя
Device does not manifest
itself until the PIN-code
is entered
No subscription or additional fees and payments
No additional key fobs
and low batteries
Engine and automatic transmission blocking without electric circuit break
Authorization with smartphone or regular using the auto buttons
Safe for the engine. Car warranty is maintained
Anti-Hi-Jack mode with safe jamming the engine
User-friendly service mode without the need to communicate PIN
The device does not pretends to enter PIN code
Without monthly fee and additional payments
No additional key fobs and batterie
Documentation for anti-theft system on a new platform
IGLA Manual
IGLA Installation

Documentation for anti-theft system
IGLA Manual
IGLA Installation
Product range