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Welcome to Author Alarm- leading designer and manufacturer of innovative anti-theft devices for cars, trucks and motorbikes
"0" thefts in 12 years!
research in the field of automotive security since 2008
The main activity of the company is the development and manufacture of CAN-devices for the protection of cars against theft.

We are leading experts in the field of protection against theft.
Anti-Theft Devices for Cars
Additional Devices
Anti-Theft Devices for Cars
Check out the products to built a security complex for the car and protect it from all known ways of theft:
— IGLA based security systems
Additional Security Modules for enhanced security of the car:
—Digital relay TOR 20
—Analog relay AR 20
Who We Are
Everything always starts with the idea. In our case, it was a brand new concept of car theft prevention using in a digital way. Back in 2007, there were three friends to make it happen: a software engineer, installer, and also a sales representative working in automotive who decided to create a system that really prevents car from being stolen since car theft was on a raise back then in Russia. Thus in 2008 the 1st prototype of IGLA was launched and is now available in 33 countries around the globe.

And just like 12 years ago, we are sure that nothing is impossible and work daily to safe this world from car theft!
Our Headquarters and manufacturing site is in St. Petersburg, from where we deliver products to our EU warehouse based in Slovenia
Our Quality Control Department is working daily to guarantee the best quality of our products
Sales are only available via authorized dealers
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